Southern Arms Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors

Knives and Edged Tools
 The GRAD 22 Hybrid is the world's first knife to contain a working .22 cal. revolver within the grip.

 Advanced Armaments Corp., Lilbum, GA.

 Randall Knives -  The Randall family has hand-crafted a wide variety of custom knives for nearly 70 years.

 Randall Knives - Orlando, FL

 Keltec Folding Bayonet (KFB) - Mounts on the Keltec SU-16 series of Personal Security Rifles or the AR-15/M-16.  Weighs 7 oz., 10.5" length when open with a 4.9" blade. Keltec Manufacturing Industries, Inc., Cocoa, FL

Ed Brown Pistols    
 Ed Brown Products - The highest grade 1911's engineered and handcrafted by the legendary Brown family.  34 different models available. 


Ed Brown Products, Perry, MO

FN Five-seveN    
 The Five-seveN is a double action 5.7 x 28mm auto pistol fed from a 10 or 20 rd magazine.  Uses a Polymer frame and slide cover and features a reversible magazine release. A companion weapon to the P90 SMG. FN Manufacturing Inc. Columbia, SC

FN Forty Nine    
 Forty Nine pistol - A .40 S&W caliber auto pistol with 10 rd. magazine capacity. FN Manufacturing Inc. Columbia, SC

Sphinx 3000    
 Sphinx 3000 Tactical with manual safety or decocker - A Swiss product distributed by Sabre Defense Industries. Sabre Defense Industries, LLC, Nashville, TN

Keltec P-11     
 Keltec P-11 - The P-11 is a double action, locked breech pistol chambered for 9mm Luger.  The smallest and lightest 9mm ever made.  Keltec also manufactures the PF-9 in 9mm, P-32 in .32 auto and the P-3AT in .380 auto. Keltec CNC Manufacturing Industries, Inc.- Cocoa, FL

Keltec PLR-16    
 Keltec PLR-16 - Keltec CNC Manufacturing Industries, Inc. - Cocoa, FL - A gas operated, semi-auto pistol chambered for 5.56mm NATO. Designed as long range hunting and target pistol.  Will accept M-16 30 rd. mags. Keltec CNC Manufacturing Industries, Inc.- Cocoa, FL

Rifles and Carbines 
AR-15/M-16 Type Rifles    
Barrett M468 Rifle    
 16" free-floating barrel in 6.8mm Remington SPC. Two stage trigger, dual spring extractor and folding front and rear sights. Barrett Rifles, Murfreesboro, TN

M-16A2 and M-16A4    
 M-16A2 and M-16A4 5.56mm NATO rifles manufactured for the US government by FN since 1988. FN Manufacturing Inc. Columbia, SC

XR-15 Rifles and Carbines    
 Sabre Defence manufactures the XR15 series of tactical rifles and carbines in 5.56mm and 6.5mm Grendel as well as barreled upper receivers.

 Sabre Defence Industries, LLC is one of only 4-5 manufacturers of AR-15 lower receivers in the U.S.

SR-15 Rifles and Carbines    
Picture not yet available The Stoner SR-15 series of 5.56mm NATO rifles and carbines. Knight's Armament Co., Titusville, FL

Essential Arms Parts
 Essential Arms manufactures AR-15 Mil. Spec. forged lower receivers and aluminum CAR-15 telescoping stocks. Essential Arms Co., Krotz Springs, LA

SR25 Rifle 
  SR25 series of 7.62 x 51 mm NATO gas operated rifles

 Knight's Armament Co., Titusville, FL

SASS M-110    
Picture not yet available Semi-Auto-Sniper-System (SASS) designated the M-110 by the U.S. Army.  The M-110 in the fist and only privately developed 7.62mm semi-auto rifle to have ever been adopted by the U.S. Army. Knight's Armament Co., Titusville, FL


Other Rifles
Keltec SUB-2000    
 The SUB-2000 folding self-loading rifle is available in both 9mm Luger and .40 S&W.  Rifle is available in several models to accept different commonly available pistol mags. including 5 different 9mm mags. and 4 different .40 mags. Keltec CNC Manufacturing Industries, Inc.- Cocoa, FL

Keltec SU-16 Series    
 The SU-16 series of rifles by Keltec are gas operated using the M-16 breech locking system with  gas piston operation.  Chambered in 5.56mm NATO they use M-16 mags. and feature an under-folding stock. Keltec CNC Manufacturing Industries, Inc.- Cocoa, FL

Remington 7615 tactical    
 The Remington 7615 light tactical police rifle is a pump-action, 5.56mm NATO weapon using M-16 mags.  It's operating features duplicate those of the Remington 870 shotgun to ease transition to departments using that shotgun. Remington Law Enforcement Division, Madison, NC

50 Caliber Rifles 
Anzio 50 
 .50 cal bolt action and gas operated.50 BMG, 20mm and .338 Lapua rifles. Anzio Iron Works Corp., St. Petersburg, FL
 BFG-50 bolt action and BFG-50A gas operated .50 cal. rifles. Serbu Firearms Inc. Tampa, FL.

Ferret 50    
 A true bolt-action single-shot .50 BMG rifle conversion for the AR-15 rifle lower receiver as well as .338 Lapua uppers. Spider Firearms, St. Cloud, FL

 The gas operated Viper rifle is available in both .50 BMG and .50 DTC. Bluegrass Armory, Richmond, KY
Barrett Rifles 
 Barrett manufactures the M-82A1/M107 gas operated .50BMG rifle as well as the M99 and M95 bolt actions rifles. Barrett Rifles, Murfreesboro, TN


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